Dedicated driver assessment centre set to open in Joondalup

Dedicated driver assessment centre set to open in Joondalup  Main Image

17 August 2023

Dedicated driver assessment centre set to open in Joondalup 

  • 24 new driver assessors to be recruited to conduct practical driving assessments at dedicated Joondalup location
  • Re-opening expected to add 130 practical driving assessments per day
  • Centre will open Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm

The Cook Government has confirmed that the Department of Transport’s (DoT) Joondalup site will reopen in late 2023 as a dedicated driver assessment centre.

Plans are underway for the Joondalup Driver Assessment Centre to open in November to cater for all practical driving assessments (PDAs) including C class, aged, heavy vehicle and motorcycle.

The DoT Driver and Vehicle Services centre moved from Joondalup to Butler in May to provide the full range of DoT services and Transactions for the growing population in Perth’s north-western suburbs.

Recent demand for PDAs has been unprecedented, with the PDA booking system under pressure due to driver assessor availability, PDA no-shows, last minute cancellations, increased migration to WA impacting demand for overseas licence transfer PDAs and the demand for additional bookings as, on average, learners sit up to three tests before passing.

DoT will recruit an extra 24 driver assessors over the next six months to be based at the Joondalup Driver Assessment Centre with an additional 130 PDAs expected to be delivered each day. This equates to about 35,000 additional assessments being made available each year.

An additional eight customer service staff will come on board to assist customers when applying for their learner’s permit or WA Photocard, sitting their theory and hazard perception tests, and to issue provisional licences when a PDA is successful. Customers will also be able to transfer their interstate or international driver’s licence at the new centre.

The opening of the dedicated driver assessment centre comes after DoT implemented a range of measures earlier this year to improve the learner driver journey and create fair access to PDAs.

The changes have included turning off the booking swap function for authorised driving instructors, moving PDA bookings behind DoTDirect for learners and licence class upgrades to increase customer security, and implementation of a search limit to stop the bots from sweeping the system to bulk book available tests.

It is anticipated the Joondalup Driver Assessment Centre will open Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm, with the aim of increasing to seven days a week in the future.

DoT also has a learner driver education campaign in development that will focus on the importance of being prepared for a practical driving assessment to give learners the best chance at passing, as well as advice on navigating the learner driver journey.

Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

“We know there is significant demand for practical driving assessments in the community and we are looking at all options to alleviate the current pressure in the system.

“Reopening the Joondalup site later this year is the latest measure we will be implementing to improve the availability of assessments and will help deliver around 40,000 additional assessment slots each year.

“DoT has commenced recruitment of new driving assessors as well as refurbishment work and IT fit outs on the Boas Avenue site, putting us on track for a November opening of the Joondalup Driver Assessment Centre.”

Comments attributed to Minister Assisting the Transport Minister David Michael:

“As a one stop shop for customers on the learn to drive journey, as well as interstate and international licence transfers, it is anticipated that the Joondalup centre will reduce customer volumes for these dedicated services at other metropolitan DoT Centres and the PDA booking system.”

“It is anticipated the Joondalup Driver Assessment Centre will cater to customers who may be constrained by school or university hours by opening Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm.”

Comments attributed to Joondalup MLA Emily Hamilton:

“I am very pleased that the Cook Government has listened to the calls of locals in the northern suburbs for the Joondalup licensing centre to be re-opened to resume the essential driver services it provides.

“Several of my Labor parliamentary colleagues representing electorates in the northern suburbs had supported my campaign to have the centre re-opened so local people can access a driving test closer to home, and this news is strongly welcomed.”