Ocean Reef Marina breakwaters a legacy of community spirit

Ocean Reef Marina breakwaters a legacy of community spirit Main Image

10 October 2023

Ocean Reef Marina breakwaters a legacy of community spirit

  • Local school contributes rocks to Ocean Reef Marina

Two large granite rocks once nestled in the grounds of Eddystone Primary School in Heathridge have found a new purpose as part of the Ocean Reef Marina project.

One of the boulders, weighing in at 4.3 tonnes, has been installed at the start of the recently completed 1.2-kilometre-long southern breakwater.

The second rock has been used in the core layer of the breakwater. 

The two breakwaters at Ocean Reef Marina comprise a total of 1.25 million tonnes of limestone and granite rock sourced from more than 30 quarries across Western Australia.

Located 4.5km from the marina, Eddystone Primary School holds the title of the closest granite rock supplier to the project.

The initiative was driven by Eddystone Primary School principal Mr Chris Walker, who contacted DevelopmentWA’s contractor WA Limestone to incorporate the boulders in the marina’s construction.

A plaque has been installed on a boulder at the breakwater to celebrate the school and the local community’s contribution to the marina.

For more information, visit https://developmentwa.com.au/projects/industrial-and-commercial/ocean-reef-marina/overview

Comments attributed to Joondalup MLA Emily Hamilton:

“The Ocean Reef Marina has been a shared vision of our local community for more than 50 years, promising economic growth, jobs, tourism opportunities and a celebration of the unique coastal lifestyle on offer in our northern suburbs.